She Celebrates Her Own Strength


After struggling with my first heart break, I told my mom in a teary phone call that I felt weak.  I felt like this boy’s disapproval robbed me of the strength I knew I had. She reminded me of three important things to regain the knowledge of my own inner strength, without a boy.

  1. Work on physical strength. The power of a Warrior II yoga pose, or lifting weights reminded me of the strength I had within myself already, even when I felt weak because of a heart ache. So go to the gym, go for a run, or hop on your yoga mat to remind yourself of your body’s strength.
  2. Allow someone to remind you of your strength. I let my mom remind me of all the ways I had already proven my strength like moving away for college, and meeting new friends. She reminded me of the things I might have forgotten that already made me strong.
  3. Make a list for yourself. In a page of my journal, I have written down all of the risky things I have done that showed my own strength. They were as little as talking to a stranger, or moving 1500 miles away from anyone I had known.  I look at that page to remind myself of the strength I have.

Don’t forget how strong you are.



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