She Seeks Adventure

January 24, 2018

Adventure is one of the deepest desires of her soul.  When she is brave enough to seek adventure, her comfort zone’s limits don’t stop her.  She discovers the world when she embarks on new adventures.

Merriam-Webster says adventure is “an exciting or remarkable experience” or “an undertaking usually involving danger or unknown risks”.  Those risks can change you, challenge you and strengthen you.  Often, a new adventure will return a remarkable experience you will thank yourself for agreeing to.  So…

What is stopping you from new adventures?

What kind of new adventures do you desire?

Where would you like your next adventure to take you?

She Celebrates Her Own Strength


After struggling with my first heart break, I told my mom in a teary phone call that I felt weak.  I felt like this boy’s disapproval robbed me of the strength I knew I had. She reminded me of three important things to regain the knowledge of my own inner strength, without a boy.

  1. Work on physical strength. The power of a Warrior II yoga pose, or lifting weights reminded me of the strength I had within myself already, even when I felt weak because of a heart ache. So go to the gym, go for a run, or hop on your yoga mat to remind yourself of your body’s strength.
  2. Allow someone to remind you of your strength. I let my mom remind me of all the ways I had already proven my strength like moving away for college, and meeting new friends. She reminded me of the things I might have forgotten that already made me strong.
  3. Make a list for yourself. In a page of my journal, I have written down all of the risky things I have done that showed my own strength. They were as little as talking to a stranger, or moving 1500 miles away from anyone I had known.  I look at that page to remind myself of the strength I have.

Don’t forget how strong you are.